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Netflix Bites
Holey Moley
Miley Cyrus
AMIRI Rodeo Dr
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Ferdinand Billboard



We transform aspirational retail display dreams into reality. Driven by our belief that every detail has the potential to make or break a consumer experience, we’ve created innovative and complex displays for leading brands Canada Goose, Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, and more. 

Window Display of a Miniature F1 car and suitcases on a race track for the brand Tumi


We have a long track record of creating memorable billboards on the Sunset Strip and in other high-visibility marketing venues. Our mastery in balancing functionality and unique billboard features helps clients get mileage out of every advertising dollar. 



Flix FX has designed and constructed sets and props for some of the biggest names in the music industry. From helping Justin Bieber fly, to giving Miley Cyrus a lift on her disco wrecking ball, we have partnered with artists including Usher, Toby Keith, Sarah McLachlan, J Balvin, Katy Perry, and Santana to deliver their most spectacular and iconic performances.

Actress Zoey Deschanel holding a magic wand.


With more than 7,500 commercials to our name, we’ve created some of the most amazing physical effects and props to ever hit the little screen. From a Lazy Boy dodging downtown traffic to a piano catapulting 30 feet, from models and miniatures to gigantic props, we create the memorable and fantastic.


We have lent our special effects expertise to many well-known feature films and television shows, leveraging our unmatched knowledge of prop fabrication and mechanical effects.


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