Vacuforming is a fabrication process that allows you to stretch heated plastic over a form, resulting in a precise plastic part that you can paint and assemble. This process allows us to make many uniform parts, big or small, without the hassle and expense of molding and casting. Flix FX can process Styrene, PETG, ABS, Kydex, PVC, and Acrylic. We have multiple machines that can handle 5’x10’, 4’x8’, 4’x4’ and smaller. 


Forms & Bucks

All vacuform projects start with a master form, also known as a buck. Bucks can be big, small, simple, or more detailed. If you don't have your own buck, we can create one for you.

Vacuform Process

After selecting the best material for your project, the plastic is heated, pulled and stretched over the buck using vacuum force, which helps the plastic contour to the shape of the buck. Flix FX also has the capabilities to vacuform printed images, creating a 3D effect.


After the plastic is cooled, it can be trimmed, assembled, and painted. Vacuforming can be used for a wide array for projects including retail, marketing, signage, props, packaging, molds, and other custom plastic fabrication needs.

Vacuformed Creations